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Preventing tooth decay for children

  • You can complete peace of mind on the issue of preventing tooth decay.
  • Using fluoride is the most effective method for children's teeth. And when combined with technical Sealing the pit and grooves, the ability of fluoride to prevent tooth decay may be up to 90%.

For regular checkups, teeth cleaning

  • Cleaning the teeth true standard is one of these aims to help children get a teeth cleaning. Then, the use of fluoride at the children teeth work less tooth decay than.
  • Oral hygiene instruction
  • Instructions on how to efficient use of the means and methods of good oral hygiene at the house.

Treatment of deep hole

  • Children's teeth be recovered with the materials and the most modern methods for children: the aesthetic sealants, crowns types (coated) the teeth ... this restoration is needed to help the systems only baby teeth lead role in an effective manner.
  • Treatment of baby teeth including those endodontic treatment (root canal treated), similar to treated adult the teeth.
  • These method of treated is aimed at maintaining function of baby teeth until years old rather as a natural the teeth.

Preventing tooth decay with Sealing the pit and grooves (sealants)
Children's teeth are sensitive to the tooth decay, especially the back replacement of molars is. But by the natural structure, sometimes the teeth pits and grooves are veryentangled food and fiber the bristles could not clean up completely. So the teeth decay is very easy. But if the teeth are pressurizers the pit and grooves Sealing, Sealing will form aclear protective coating separated from the substances that cause tooth decay.

Dental instruments protecting children in sport

Children were in hyperactive years old, simultaneously sports activities is one of these possible causes for teeth hurting due to collisions, injuries ... the dental treatment room children help parents peace of mind when performing instrument to protect the teeth (mouth guard) to the child in the mouth while playing sports.

Treatment of teeth injured the case.

Sometimes these injuries can hurt a child's teeth. At that time, we will support you to replicate parent or preventing of complications, sequelae may occur as a result of teeth injured including deviations, tooth loss, affect bite and the aesthetic afterward.

Oral orthopedic cases simple

Occlusal Dysfunction and distortions teeth will affect the matter of aesthetics and functional chewing afterward. However, this deviations in the majority of cases can be adjusted, relatively easy especially when young children if the care and the early intervention.

The diagnosis and treated breath odor by teeth

Make children more prone to bad breath distance communication and annoying when you want to "babble" and kissing "darling mother." We can help eliminate this unpleasant manifestations of oral reasons.

Oral therapy is painless

One of the most sensitive issues of children and you.

For us and like you, pain and discomfort when oral therapy for the child is the first concern. Therefore, we are adopting modern methods of treatment for most children to raise a new impression of dentistry: dental pain and is not just "the kids play in the garden."

In particular, we first use therapy reduces anxiety and fear with nitrous oxide (N2O). This is a technique to inhibit a minimal sense in which the child is still able to maintain the ability to breathe independently and continuously, have the ability to meet appropriate when physical stimuli or par commands. The drug has a wide enough margin of safety to the loss of consciousness does not occur.


  • Quick effects, faster recovery by N2O very slightly soluble in the plasma, achieved therapeutic levels rapidly and also descreased fast.
  • Easy to control dosage.
  • No serious side effects


Generally N2O reduce severity from mild about anxiety for children, but the child must have the ability comply with the instructions during potential therapeutic use of N2O. So do not use this therapy for children with the upper respiratory tract obstruction and ineffective if they do not cooperate when instructed to breathe through the nose. And drugs do not eliminate the need for local anesthesia, except for the very small tips.

Tooth extraction and oral surgery elementary simple for kids

Often applied to the teeth replaced soon. However in some cases the baby teeth maintain no results, then this is the final measure and if need be able to accompanied by the implementation of the holder approximately (reducing the risk of perpetual teeth deviations later).

The dental problems of children should be considered and implemented on time?

From the moment of birth to 6 months of years old

  • Clean the mouth and the gums with antlers after breastfeeding and before going to bed.
  • Reduce or avoid breastfeeding or sweetening matter at before going to sleep.

From 6 months to 12 months

  • Give the child to check the first tooth is just rising.
  • Brush your teeth after meals and before going to sleep with toothbrush for kids, kind of soft or very soft fur. Do not use toothpaste.
  • Weaning the child is 12 months old.

From 12 to 24 months of age

  • Regular dental check under the guidance of Dr. RHM
  • Use toothpaste without fluoride.
  • Grows almost enough baby_ teeth systems.

Above 24 months of age

- Use fluoride toothpaste if your child know spit, spit and rinse your mouth know.

When children are small, especially the his early years are the most ideal moment to help children get a conscious positive oral health habits and forming good oral care.

Rooms Treatment Child Dentistry will help our children to form a positive impression in his life the dental through repeated exposures, dental check and treated here ...

Generally the dental problems of children entirely preventable. That's why we encourage parents to make sure they are exposed the dental, especially in the last stages of her first teeth grow.