Khi nào răng bạn cần điều trị tủy? - Nha khoa nhat nam - chuyên phục hồi và chỉnh hình răng
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When your teeth need root canal treatment? 
• When the tooth is causing pain or it has a history of pain (dental pulp becomes inflamed or dead pulp). 
• When you have discovered loose teeth or gums (benefit) around that it was swollen. 
• Sometimes your teeth need root canal therapy, even though you do not feel it is as painful gums (benefit) of swelling around the tooth, which is the case follows: 

Periodontal disease was determined by X-ray machine 
Pulp can die quietly. The chemical state of the pulp does not always cause pain. So a tooth needs root canal treatment can sometimes remain undetected, even last for years. That is because in these cases, the virulence of the infection in the tooth is very low and resistance in the body you can control them. 
Boils (fistula) continuously grow on the gums (benefit ) around the tooth pulp.

 Sometimes you death will cause pimples on the gums fistula creation (profit). The appearance of the pimples can come and take away. Since we are of hats pipes from tooth infection, and they secrete very unpleasant odor. 

Exposure pulp,

 Sometimes your teeth need root canal treatment at the dentist to detect tooth pulp exposed. Sometimes you will feel some pain when the marrow route appeared or not. 
The Highway tuyco can lead to degeneration of the pulp tissue. In this case, your dentist can tell you that the best way to root canal treatment, because this way you can avoid this disease complex after your teeth. 
Tooth accidental injury.

The status of the pulp with a history of injury accidents can be worse than the root canal treatment is necessary. 
Immediately after injury by accident occurred, status of the pulp can be very difficult to judge. Sometimes tooth injury still eat and chew normally without showing symptoms for many years. However, at a certain point, the status of the injured tooth pulp will degenerate. We can detect this when they see discolored teeth injuries darker than the side teeth.